BSA & Troop 21 Policies

Service Hours

Separate Service Hours must be earned for each rank. As soon as you attain a rank, your service hours return to zero (no matter how many you have) and you start over obtaining service hours for the next rank.

Service Hours can only be obtained for Scoutmaster approved projects. There are a wide variety of acceptable service projects. Eagle projects are Scoutmaster approved projects.

Permission for a service project, other than a Troop Service project, must be obtained from the Scoutmaster before the project is completed. If approval is not obtained, the service hours will not count.

It is the individual Scout's obligation to report his service hours to the Advancement Chairman. It is not the responsibility of anyone else.


Scout Pants and Shirt, Bolo/Neckerchief and Correct Rank insignia, Troop Position (Patrol Leader, SPL, ASPL, etc), Troop Numerals and Council Patch.

Adults Camping with the Troop:

The following is a guideline for adults participating in a Troop Campout. We hope that you will enjoy the outdoors with your son and provide assistance to the Troop Leadership.

Adults activities while camping with the troop are to be conducted in conformance with all the BSA policies.  The Troop Committee has assured that all policies are followed during any scout function or meeting.

"Guide to Safe Scouting",  "Procedures for Youth Protection", "Local and National Tour Permits" and Troop Permission Slips.  


SPL, ASPL, and PL are expected to attend 75% of the Troop Meetings and 75% of the outings as a normal guide. If they can not do this, another should be elected to fill the leadership position. These are essential positions and the heart of the Troop.

Scouts holding the position of QM, Scribe, Jr. Asst. SM, Troop Guide are expected to attend 60% of Troop Meetings and outings.

SPL and ASPL must be at least a Star Scout, all other leadership positions must be at least First Class.

Den Chiefs are Ambassadors of the Troop. They must have impeccable Scout skills, leadership ability, respect for adults and Cub Scouts, excellent deportment, language skills and appearance standards. They must be approved by the Scoutmaster and the Cubmaster.


All Troop activities that adequate preparation has been made by the Unit Leader for the activity, obtaining parent/guardian permission slips, required medical data and other documents to ensure everyone's safety.

It is the Unit Leader's responsibility to assure that the participants are adequately prepared, equipped, and physically fit for the activity involved. The Unit Leader's decision to allow participation is final. The Unit Leader for Campouts is the Scoutmaster, or a trip leader approved by the Troop Committee Chairman in the Scoutmaster's absence.

Scouts are not to be left alone without responsible supervision at any time during Troop activities. Therefore, all adults assigned responsibility for their care are required to inform the Unit Leader, if they are leaving the activity area.

It is the responsibility of all adults involved to report willful violations of these policies to the appropriate governing authority. In most instances, this is the Troop Committee Chairman or the Assistant Scoutmaster of Youth Protection for review.


The Scoutmaster and his assistants have been trained in Scouting's aims and methods. Please refer discipline matters to them, unless it involves an immediate danger to the Scouts. The Scouting method we emphasize is Boy Leadership with Adults acting as coaches to provide the learning experience. However, Bullying, physical abuse, and hazing are unacceptable at all times.

Driving Scouts To and From Camp

The BSA liability policy provides for secondary coverage, so we will need your Drivers License Number, Car data, and Proof of Insurance. All drivers must be at least 21 years old to drive.

Please inform the Scouts of your rules of conduct. This includes food in car, trash, noise, etc. Scouts are required to wear Seat Belts. Try to refuel during meal stops to keep Scouts from wandering the gas station mini-marts for treats.

We will caravan in groups for mutual assistance. Flash your Headlights if you are experiencing a problem.